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Old rca radio victor

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The RCA brand is one of the oldest and well known brands in the consumer electronics industry. The brand was derived from an acronym for the company Radio Corporation of America, which was a major electronics company in existence from to This brief history will take you from the origins of RCA to today's high tech product which carries on the brand tradition of quality.

This is the original RCA logo, which has not changed all that much over the years. The company's roots are in the broad cast industry with early product focus on the marketing of GE and Westinghouse's radio equipment. In the company made its first moves into consumer electronics products when RCA purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company, then the world's largest manufacturer of phonographs including the famous "Victrola" and phonograph records.

The new subsidiary then became RCA-Victor. The format initially was a commercial failure because the records and playback equipment were expensive, and partially because the audio performance was poor.

With the improvement of stylus for playback the product would be re released and become the standard for music playback for decades. With the introduction of the NTSC standard, the Federal Communications Commission authorized the start of commercial television transmission on July 1, In the years that followed, RCA was responsible for the development of a myriad of innovations and key technology such as color television, the electron microscope, CMOS based technology, heterojunction physics, optoelectronic emitting devices, Liquid Crystal Displays LCDsvideo cassette recorders, direct broadcast television, direct broadcast satellite systems and high-definition television would be invented and developed during ensuing years.

Antique and Vintage RCA Radios

RCA was a major proponent of the eight-track tape cartridge, which it launched in The eight-track cartridge initially had a huge and profitable impact on the consumer marketplace. Thomson sold the rights to the brand to Audiovox Corporation, first for consumer accessory products and then two years later for consumer audio and video products excluding televisions. VOXX Intl purchased the brand as an extension of its already formidable consumer and accessory businesses.

The company believes that the strength of the RCA brand lives on and it has plans to continue to develop high tech products for these key consumer lines.

Because of their popularity during the golden age of radio, their manufacturing quality, their engineering innovations, their styling and their name, RCA antique radios are one of the more sought-after brands of collectible radios and Audiovox is committed to that legacy. Today's RCA products, marketed by Audiovox Accessories include some of the most technologically advanced digital products in the market place.

Small Wonder camcorders with their wide variety of software 'firsts' lead the way Brand History. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Learn more I agree.This project took me a couple of weeks of evenings after work and weekends. It moved into our Craftsman in Atlanta when we did back in and has filled the same role. As a kid, I thought this thing was all wood construction. By breaking it apart, I found that the panels are MDF-like, the doors are hollow plastic, and the wood grain is laminate. Since the speakers have never really worked reliably and the record player was broken, we pretty much stopped listening to the stereo and it was just taking up space.

After a few months, we decided to sell the console in a yard sale. The papers on the left are the original wiring diagrams that were stapled to the inside of the console. I like that kind of stuff. All of the electronics were very nicely integrated into these consoles. During the yard sale, while trying to convince people to buy the stereo, we convinced ourselves to restore the console ourselves. That meant tearing out the old hardware and replacing it with all new electronics, building custom racks for the electronics, and manufacturing some fake doors for the front panel.

The speakers were very old paper cone speakers that needed replacing. I bought some car audio speakers as part of an Amazon lightning deal. I can upgrade them in the future for better sound.

The first step was to remove all of the old hardware and break down the old panels and racks. The next few photos detail that process. It took some brute force to remove the components.

If you are trying to save the components, take some time to really investigate how they are attached. Mine had these weird little clips that had to be twisted then pulled. I figured that out after breaking one. At first, I was surprised that they did such a bad job painting the panels black.

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The stereo and turntable were broken. You can see the hollow plastic quality of the doors. After the old hardware was removed, I had to figure out what new hardware to purchase and how to fit it all into the console.

One set would be included within the console. We also decided to include a subwoofer to fill out the sound and shake the floorboards. You can see the subwoofer box in the photo below. It turned out to be quite large. You can see that I removed even more of the paneling from the console, leaving only the very outside frame.RCA Victor Radio.

Posted: Dec Thu 15, pm.

old rca radio victor

It is a model 96T5 and the serial number is Does anybody have an idea when this was made, and if they are easy to find? Posted: Dec Fri 16, am.

old rca radio victor

Yeah, the LO crapped out. Posted: Dec Sat 17, am. Hi Rik, Do you plan on restoring the set? I'd advise you not to power it up until it is serviced. Thanks, and Happy Holidays. Posted: Dec Sat 17, pm. I did some restoration many years ago. It has been years since I had the radio on. Mostly because the speaker is in bad shape.

Old Rca Radio

I was concerned that if I installed a new speaker I might diminish the value of the radio. I have not recapped the radio. I am a little nervous about removing the metal covers over the capacitors. Mostly I was checking to see how old the radio is. It is one of the few items I have from my grandfather. Posted: Dec Sun 18, am. Hi Rik, Glad you will be keeping the set, especially since it's grandpa's. The caps are no problem, no need to be wary of those metal cans on top of the chassis. You can disconnect them there may only be 2 or 3 and install the smaller, new part underneath.

Wax caps or the Philco Bakelite blocks are easy to rebuild.During those years "The Radio Corporation" as it was then known had no manufacturing faculties, all Radiola models were made by companies like GE, Westinghouse, Graybar, Brunswick and a few others. Occasionally a Radiola model would appear in the RCA line after until the late '40s.

These were generally models from RCA's regular line-up with "Radiola" applied to the radio and offered during a special promotion celebrating a milestone event or anniversary.

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Photo - for Sale Galleryfor sale items will be priced, make offer on those still in my collection that are not priced. The Aeriola Family. Aeriola Grand see Radiola Grand.

Radiola AR Super-Heterodyne. Radiola VI. Radiola Aeriola Jr. Radiola Regenoflex. RCA-Radiola Speakers :. Early RCA Victor consoles:. RE- Click here for Radiola release dates and production numbers Member of: Northwest Vintage Radio Society.

Member of: Antique Wireless Association. Aeriola Sr. Click image to order. Radiola Special. Radiola Grand. Radiola I ERA, early version. Radiola I version II. Radiola II. Radiola III Family. Radiola IIIA. Radiola IV. Radiola V. Radiola VII. Radiola VIIA. Radiola VIIB. Radiola IX.

Radiola X. Radiola 30A. Radiola AC. Radiola Sr. Radiola RS. Radiola AA Concert Amplifier.It was initially a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric GE ; however, inRCA became an independent company after GE was required to divest its ownership as part of the settlement of a government antitrust suit.

An innovative and progressive company, RCA was the dominant electronics and communications firm in the United States for over five decades. RCA was at the forefront of the mushrooming radio industry in the early s, as a major manufacturer of radio receiversand the exclusive manufacturer of the first superheterodyne models.

The company was also a pioneer in the introduction and development of televisionboth black-and-white and especially, color television. He was general manager at the company's founding, became president inand remained active, as chairman of the board, until the end of During the s, RCA's seemingly impregnable stature began to weaken as it attempted to expand from its main focus of the development and marketing of consumer electronics into a diversified multinational conglomerate.

The company suffered enormous financial losses in the mainframe computer industry and other failed projects such as the CED videodisc. Though the company rebounded by the mid s, RCA was reacquired by General Electric inwhich over the next few years liquidated most of the corporation's assets. Inthe Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company, Limited, was founded in London to promote the radio then known as "wireless telegraphy" inventions of Guglielmo Marconi.

As part of worldwide expansion, in American Marconi was organized as a subsidiary company, holding the rights to use the Marconi patents in the United States and Cuba.

With the entry of the United States into World War One in Aprilthe government took over most civilian radio stations, to use them for the war effort. Although the overall U. Defying instructions to the contrary, the Navy began purchasing large numbers of stations outright. With the conclusion of the conflict, Congress turned down the Navy's efforts to have peacetime control of the radio industry, and instructed the Navy to make plans to return the commercial stations it controlled, including the ones it had improperly purchased, to the original owners.

Due to national security considerations, the Navy was particularly concerned about returning the high-powered international stations to American Marconi, since a majority of its stock was in foreign hands, and the British already largely controlled the international undersea cables.

This concern was increased by the announcement in late of the formation of the Pan-American Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Company, a joint venture between American Marconi and the Federal Telegraph Company, with plans to set up service between the United States and South America.

old rca radio victor

It proved to be superior for transatlantic transmissions to the spark transmitters that had been traditionally used by the Marconi companies. Marconi officials were so impressed by the capabilities of the Alexanderson alternators that they began making preparations to adopt them as their standard transmitters for international communication. A tentative plan made with General Electric proposed that over a two-year period the Marconi companies would purchase most of GE's alternator production.

However, this proposal was met with disapproval, on national security grounds, by the U. Navy, which was concerned that this would guarantee British domination of international radio communication. The Navy, claiming it was acting with the support of President Wilson, looked for an alternative that would result in an "all-American" company taking over the American Marconi assets.

In April two naval officers, Admiral H. Bullard and Commander S.

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Hoopermet with GE's president, Owen D. Youngasking that he suspend the pending alternator sales to the Marconi companies. This move would leave General Electric without a buyer for its transmitters, so the officers proposed that GE purchase American Marconi, and use the assets to form its own radio communications subsidiary. Young consented to this proposal, which, effective November 20,transformed American Marconi into the Radio Corporation of America.

RCA's incorporation papers required that its officers needed to be U.When I saw this large console TV at a local shop, I decided that it needed a new home.

68R3 Ch= RC-608

Restoring it was a big project, but the results were gratifying. This television was made inwhen I was about one year old. Needless to say, it is a black and white receiver. With a inch screen and a inch speaker, this television looks and sounds great. A two-position tone control lets you select normal or extra bass.

It also has a Phono switch in the front and a phono jack in the back, allowing you to plug in a record player. The mahogany veneer cabinet has large front doors that swing open to expose the screen and controls. When I bought this TV, the cabinet was in average shape, with a few scratches here and there but no serious damage. The electronics needed work. When you turned on the set, its screen showed only a bright horizontal line in the middle.

Not too encouraging, but at least the picture tube showed signs of potential life. The audio sounded fine, suggesting that the tuner and audio circuits were operational. The TV had obviously been serviced in the past. Its cabinet interior was littered with an interesting collection of old service literature and discarded parts. Restoring the cabinet finish took about two hours, spread over two days. I began by wiping the entire cabinet with paint thinner to remove dirt and any old polish.

Then I lightly buffed it with very fine steel wool and wiped it with a tack rag. To conceal the scratches, I wiped on a thin coat of red mahogany Min-Wax stain. This cabinet has large surfaces, so I worked quickly, one surface at a time, wiping over and over to ensure a smooth and very thin coat. Cotton Q-tip swabs made it easy to reach small corners and crannies in the speaker grille. Letting the cabinet dry overnight, I then sprayed on two coats of clear lacquer to protect the new finish.

Before spraying on the lacquer, I covered the speaker cloth with cutout pieces of newspaper stuck between the cloth and grille pieces.

CDN: Radio Catalog for the radio manufacturer RCA Victor (International), Montreal

If you were looking for a "classic" s television design, this would be a good candidate. It uses 23 tubes as follows. In this view, the TV's controls are located along the right.Just click here. So we can post your RCA Equipment photos here please e-mail any digital media to oldradio, along with descriptions of your photos. If items are on your website email the link and we will post it with our associated RCA TV equipment listing.

If you find any then e-mail info about what you have to us and we'll try to find a user for you.

old rca radio victor

Their names are listed at the bottom of the page or the photo. Radio Corporation of America. RCA goes back to the earliest days of the industry. Under the leadership of David Sarnoff it became an independent corporation and grew to become one of the most dominant manufacturers of Radio and TV broadcast equipment! Television Equipment.

Vintage RCA Victor 610V2 Console Radio

RCA promotional literature stated ". Electronically it used the new 4. It was restyled at the NAB with a top tally light, updated again in to become the TK circa. Monmouth, NJ imply that is when they were purchased. Its viewfinder could be removed like the TK had been.

A cameraman could carry the "horizontal format" camera head, suitcase style. Other live color camera versions were also being developed at this time. Photos in - Bldg. Sarnoff shows new RCA Corp. In Camden, Nipper returned to Bldg.

Designed like a very large TK, it was ceiling mounted for overhead views. In - "TK" was again chosen for the redesigned TK The Camera Head now had a black viewfinder side panel and a shorten tally light on top. Its color scheme returned to the RCA blue. At NAB Jersey Isles U.

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